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shut up and listen! 2006-2018 (German edition)

shut up and listen! (German edition)
Hardcover, 170 pages
edition sp ce, 2019; ISBN 978-3-903089-01-3
€ 15,00

shut up and listen! (English edition)
Hardcover, 168 pages
edition sp ce, 2019; ISBN 978-3-903089-02-0
€ 15,00

Limited editions. Reservations recommended.



shut up and listen! — the Transdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art builds bridges across long obsolete genre borders and brings together seemingly heterogeneous styles into theme-specific programmes. From 2006 to 2018, it staged approximately 200 concerts, performances, exhibitions, and sound installations, held composition competitions, and presented current positions from the most diverse fields of musical and sound art practice in panel discussions, lectures, and artist talks.

This book contains not only texts but also a comprehensive photographic documentation and detailed information about the individual festival editions. Moreover, it is supplemented by a comprehensive online archive that offers sound samples and further information on the artists involved and works presented during the first thirteen years of the festival.

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