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Nicolas Collins: Roll, Pitch and Yaw

Nicolas Collins: Roll, Pitch and Yaw

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2023, 20:30

Nicolas Collins: Roll, Pitch and Yaw

Solo Performance

Roll, Pitch and Yaw (2022)


Feedback is a musical gift that keeps on giving: turn up the microphone and let acoustics do the rest. Roll, Pitch and Yaw combines an obsession with feedback that I’ve carried since I was a teenager, seeking inexpensive routes to electronic music in a time before laptops and affordable synthesizers, with my longstanding interest in “sniffing” the electromagnetic signals that surround us. Here the feedback takes place inaudibly, in electromagnetic fields between various coils of wire and chunks of iron, instead of howling round from speakers to microphones. These ethereal waves are then amplified and shifted into the range of our hearing, revealing a range of unstable but curiously malleable sounds.

[Nicolas Collins | Foto: SFEMF]

Nicolas Collins


New York born and raised, Nicolas Collins spent most of the 1990s in Europe, where he was Artistic Director of STEIM (Amsterdam), and a composer guest of the DAAD’s Berliner Künstlerprogramm. He is a Professor in the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute (Ghent). From 1997 – 2017 he was Editor-in-Chief of the Leonardo Music Journal. An early adopter of microcomputers for live performance, Collins also makes use of homemade electronic circuitry and conventional acoustic instruments. His book, Handmade Electronic Music – The Art of Hardware Hacking (Routledge), now in its third edition, has influenced emerging electronic music worldwide.